Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Sandra L. Lehrack
Ms. Lehrack Presides Over VIP Pet Transport As The CEO

PORTLAND, OR News -- Sandra Lehrack, Chief Executive Officer of VIP PET TRANSPORT, has been recognized by Cambridge Who's Who for demonstrating outstanding dedication, leadership and excellence in business management.

Aided by four decades of professional experience in the world of animal shipping, Ms. Lehrack is CEO of VIP PET TRANSPORT, a well known and internationally recognized pet shipping company which arranges flight logistics and relocation services, including door to door transportation, for live animals to or from any city in the world. Through the years, the vast experience she has gained as regards every facet of the pet and animal shipping industry has afforded her the knowledge required to oversee the relocation of a large and diverse variety of species, including zoo animals, domestic pets, research animals, exotics, snakes, horses, livestock, reptiles, birds, fish and more. And as a recognized expert in international and domestic live animal relocations Ms. Lehrack is able to efficiently manage the myriad of new and ever changing complexities involving an endless array of unique animal shipping requirements as needed to insure the legality, as well as the safety and comfort, of the animals entrusted to her company's care. Additionally, she works diligently to maintain compliance with all international regulatory statutes for live animals traveling to and from all countries, while overseeing the preparation of transport documents, import and/or export permits, veterinary and other endorsements, customs processing, and personalized delivery services as required. Ms. Lehrack also insures that all VIP PET TRANSPORT shipments are created under mandates as set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Transportation Security Administration.

Ms. Lehrack got her start in this line of work when she began breeding her own dogs and horses in the early 1970s. She shipped her animals around the world and became proficient in the process; soon, she started doing this for friends, and it evolved into a rewarding and successful career. She attributes her success to her hard work, attention to detail, and the ability to handle crises as they occur. With several satellite offices recently positioned in large metropolitan cities and beyond, and her new, first class, "PETS" (Pet Escorted Transport Service) debuting this summer, her company, VIP PET TRANSPORT, has quickly become recognized as the leader in the animal relocation industry while adding clientele from many resources, including Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, event coordinators, relocation organizations, many airlines, professional veterinary organizations, and a variety of other governmental and private agencies around the world.

Ms. Lehrack earned a Bachelor of Science in chemistry and Bachelor of Arts in business from the University of California, Los Angeles. Additionally, she holds a license from the United States Department of Agriculture. Ms. Lehrack is an affiliate of the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as a long standing member of IPATA, the world's largest international network of professional pet and animal relocation specialists. Formerly, she served as a senior vice president, board member, and corporate treasurer for three national investment firms in California and New York, as well as officiating as a board member and corporate secretary for three real estate development and construction companies in Southern California. Ms. Lehrack has also been featured as a guest on talk radio shows providing information about the pet shipping industry for the public, as well as having been interviewed for a variety of publications regarding the world of animal transportation. She also frequently gives presentations to veterinary and relocation groups and organizations about the complexities of animal shipping and pet flight safety.

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