Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pet Shipping Services

VIP PET TRANSPORT is always pleased to service an array of worldwide pet relocation clients. We pride ourselves on our committment to personalized service tailored to our clients' individual needs in creating stress-free moves for their pets, whether across the country or to and from any city around the world. And our animal savvy staff insures that each shipment receives excellence in customer service and satisfaction. No shipment is too large or too small to command our complete attention. Feel free to check out our services and testimonals on our website at !

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our Pet Relocation Services

VIP PET TRANSPORT specializes in the domestic and international shipments of pets and live animals to or from any place on the planet ! With a world class staff sharing years of hands on experience, and a vast international network of animal savvy shipping associates, VIP PET TRANSPORT can easily arrange for the safe shipment of your pet to any city in the world. Whether you are moving to a small or large town nearby, or to an exotic, foreign destination, we can create a safe, swift, smooth and stress-free relocation for your animal family. FREE ESTIMATES are happily provided, and affordable shipments are individually tailored to your pets’ moving needs, leaving you free to handle the many other complexities involved in a long-distance relocation.

Friday, April 23, 2010

PetLuxe Service Coming Soon!

Watch for our new PetLuxe personalized delivery service to be launched this summer. This is a new type of service offered for pets traveling to domestic or international locations, and there is no other service of this quality available anywhere ! Watch for the updates on this entirely new way to ship your pet with the most personal and first class attention available worldwide! We hope you'll be as excited as we are about our new venture, and we're certain your pets will be too !

VIP Pet Transport Now OVMA Recommended

We are proud to announce that VIP PET TRANSPORT has been honored by being listed on the OVMA website as their recommended animal shipping company ! As we work very closely with veterinarians in all states, our link on the site will provide veterinary hospitals with an instant link to the services we can provide. Thank you OVMA for your recommendation, and we look forward to working with the wonderful doctors and clinics who are members of your organization.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Microchipping News and Updates !

Microchipping Updates & Information

We all know of the many reasons for microchipping your pets, the safety net it provides for lost animals, and the need for ISO microchips for pets traveling out of the country. But few people know a couple of other bits of microchip information. First, it is illegal for lost pets who are found and taken to shelters (or other locations) to be sold or given to any research labs for any purpose if they have been microchipped. This is ANOTHER GOOD REASON to have all pets microchipped ..... if they have one, they CANNOT end up as a research subject! And chips cannot be removed without major surgical intervention. Second, we've had a couple instances lately where the chips have "migrated" to other locations from where they were initially implanted under the skin ........ one moved to a cat's "chin", and another to a dog's "thigh". It's a good practice to have your pets' chips, and those of your clients' pets, scanned regularly to insure they can be easily located and read to insure they are still readable. By insuring that your pet has a readable microchip, and if you are traveling with your pet, whether across the state or around the world, you can always be reunited if your pet is chipped and can be identified. We would suggest you acquire one for your pet the next time you visit your veteriarian, and lessen the risk of separation while increasing their safety. Most veterinarians have these available for your pet, and if you plan on traveling internationally with your pet, be certain that it is ISO readable, #11784 or #11785. HAPPY TRAVELS !

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tightening Airline Security Making Pet Shipments Problematic

With the recent attempted airline terrorist attacks and the myriad of continued terror threats, many air carriers have implemented more stringent requirements for their air cargo shipments, including those for pets and live animals. And while heightened security measures insure more safety for both passengers and for pets traveling by air, the logistics of transporting animals by air is getting more and more complex. What does this mean to you, the pet owner? It simply means that air cargo shipments must now, most often, be coordinated through the use of a licensed pet shipping agent or company, as cargo from "unknown shippers" represents a potential security threat to the aircraft and the passengers on board. That's where we come in! We can arrange your pet's shipment in a timely, affordable, and efficient fashion, and you can avoid the stress and save the time consuming task of having to try and find an airline that will carry your pets to their destination for you. As the TSA continues to increase security, and as the airlines worldwide follow suit with more restrictive requirements for their cargo shipments, we will be available and working hard to assist you with all of your pet transport needs. Creating smooth, swift, and stress-free moves for your animals is what we do best. We look forward to 2010 and the many challenges it brings to our industry, but, more than that, we look forward to helping all of our clients get their pets safely relocated to their new homes. And ...... we look forward to hearing from you and helping you, too, with your pets' next journey. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of our clients and associates old and new!

Tightening Airline Security Making Pet Shipments Problematic